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Live telecast of PM Narendra Modi's 'Pariksha Par Charcha'

Live telecast of PM Narendra Modi's 'Pariksha Par Charcha' speech was aired in all CBSE affiliated schools on dated 16.02.2018 and students were encouraged to ask questions and share stress-relieving techniques.ince Class 10 and 12 board exams are approaching, students are particularly worried about getting a good score in the exams. PM Modi has been insisting that the students should not be worried while answering exams and even charted a ‘guide’ for students on how to approach exams like a ‘warrior’.

Annual Day Celebration 2017-18

Annual Day was celebrated in vidyalaya on dated 02.02.2018.

Book Exhibition

Book Exhibition is organized by Mrs. Manu Sharma, Librarian KV Kapurthala Cantt under the Guidance of Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Principal on dated 15.12.2018. All the teachers as well as students benefited by visiting the book exhibition.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day was celebrated in KV Kapurthala Cantt on Dated 16.12.2017 special guest of the day, Col. H. S. Sidhu S M ,38 Inf. Bde., Guests of Honour,

Grand Parents Day

Grand Parents Day was celebrated in KV kapurthala cantt on 15.12.2017

KVS Foundation day.

KVS Foundation was celebrated in kv Kapurthala Cantt on dated 15.12.2017.


On 17-10-17: A 52 seater bus took XII class students to Amritsar. Mr. Rajinder, Mr. Ashok, Mr, Parkash Chand, Ms, Parmjit Kaur and Ms. Anita Negi were escort teachers for the trip. On the same day 2 buses for V class students were called. Mrs. Seema Rani, Mrs. Anuradha, Mrs. Veena Sharma, Mrs. Sarita, Mrs. Sukhjinder, Mrs. Sangeeta were escort teachers for the trip . Students of class V along with escort teachers visited the War Memorial at Kartarpur 7. Date: 24-10-2017: Class X was taken to War Memorial by escort Teachers Mr. Manoj, Mr. sarbjit Singh, Mrs. Monika, Mrs. Harpinder kaur, Mrs. Manu Sharma, . It was again a joyful and informative experience.

VMC Meeting on 06.09.2017

Agenda Points of the Vidyalaya Management Committee (VMC) Scheduled on 06.09.2017 (Wednesday) at K.V. Kapurthala Cantt. 1. Discussion on X and XII board classes result of the session 2016-17, achievements and underachievement’s. 2. Action plan for academic improvement as well as the result of all the classes of the vidyalaya owing to discontinuation of CCE (continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) by CBSE with special focus on classes X and XII board classes. 3. Proposal for special repair and maintenance of the Vidyalaya building including electrical wiring, internal roads and toilets by the construction agency through deposit work. 4. Renovation of the badminton courts and volleyball court through deposit work. 5. Problem of Sewage disposal of the Vidyalaya and its linkage to the main sewage of the cantt line. 6. Widening of the road from Complex area up to army staff quarters by tiling of the pedestal area for smooth movement of the children and traffic on the road passing in front of the Vidyalaya. 7. Development of the language lab. 8. Development of the ‘war Hero wall’’ at prominent place in the vidyalaya. 9. Development of swings in the park for primary students in the Vidyalaya. 10. Plants near Boundary wall of the Vidyalaya , a threat to the wall in future. 11. Issue of the entry passes to the private vehicles running in the cantt area for transportation of the students.

Celebration of Sanskrit Week from 04th to 10th August 2017

Celebration of Sanskrit Week from 04th to 10th August 2017. Snaksrit shalok vaachan pratiyogita was conducted. House wise result is Ashoka House first, Tagore House second and Raman house got third position.

Yoga Day Celebration 2017

3rd International Yoga Day Was observed in Kendriya Vidyala ya Kapurtha la Cantt On 21st June 2017 in school premises . all Students and staff member alongwit h the Principa l attended the celebration and performe d various Yoga Aasans and Pranayam the benefits of these aasans were told to them by the yoga instruct er Mr. Suneet Kumar. The photos of the occasion observed at both the venues have been attached alongwith.