Co-curricular Activities





1. Health Club: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The school takes it to be its moral responsibility to raise healthy, citizens for tomorrow. Health check up is conducted by the school atleast twice in a year the Vidyalaya. The First-Aid department of the school is working with great efficiency & devotion. In 2008 the Indian Dental Association of Kapurthala conducted a presentation of oral hygiene and samples of toothpaste and toothbrushes were distributed to the students.

2. Nature care: The Vidyalaya is fully aware of the need of conserving the nature and making the earth green again. Keeping in view this most urgent need each class has been allotted some area in the campus to look after and plant flowers and trees. From this year a new practice   has been launched. Each child on his/her birthday will bring a sapling and plant it in the school campus. He/she and plant will grow together.

3. Cyber Club: Moving with the times, the Cyber Club, KV Kapurthala aims at providing IT awareness to the students and helping the children cruise along the hi-tech. It also aims at creating interest among students in field of computers.

The club has followed a continuous awareness programme where in the students are encourage to take interest in computer.The lesson of their respective subjects are taught with the help of computer. This method helps them to grasp the concepts and facts in a better manner, hence blending the studies with the inherent creativity of the kids. The aim is to guide the students to use the latest technology for constructive purpose.

4. Principal, Parent Teacher Meets: Periodic principal, parent teacher meets are organized to provide a unified endeavor where by the parent. The teacher and the taught merge to create a triumvirate of learning so as to cope with the moment task of providing quality education at affordable costs.

5. Houses: To keep the sprit of competition alive and to discover budding talent, the school has four houses - Shivaji, Tagore, Ashoka and Raman. The students under the mature guidance of the teachers perform the activities. All of the four houses have Captain and Vice-captain, who assist the teachers in coordinating the various activities.

6. Hindi Mah:  September month was observed in the school as Hindi Mah. All the activities were executed using Hindi language. Various competition were held i.e. Debate, recitation extempore, quiz competition. This was to promote the use of Hindi language in keeping with the sprit of National Integration.










Celebration of various events and important days is the integral part of the school activities. The school remained agog with activities throughout the session to celebrate the following:


1.Van Mahatsov

"Lets Go Green". Van Mahotsav was celebrated and marked by the planting of more than 200 saplings in the Vidyalaya campus.  Sri K. L. Anand, EO – RO Chandigarh also planted one Ashoka Tree during his visit to school.

2.Independence day

"I'm proud to be an Indian" To inculcate these feeling and love for the country Independence Day was celebrated with fervors and by remembering the great men who laid down their lives to grant us independence.

3.Social Science Exhibition:

The School students prepared various models on Egypt, Jharkhand etc. for Regional Social Science Exhibition.

4.Hindi Mah

To promote the use of Hindi, 'Hindi Mah' was celebrated. The month was packed with activities related to the use of National language Hindi. Debate, story telling, recitation, calligraphy and various other competitions to mark the occasion.

5.Natonal Education Month

A week on importance of education was celebrated from 3rd November to 8th November as National Educational Month and Special week. 11th November was celebrated as National Education Day.

5.Communal Harmony Rally

Communal Harmony Week was celebrated from 19th November to 25th November. Different competitions as well as an awareness rally was organized by the students of the vidyalaya.

6.Fancy Dress Competition:

14 November - Children's Day was made special by organizing Fancy Dress Competition. The innovative minds of the students brought them on the stage in very unique and wonderful fancy dresses, which enthralled the audience completely.

7.SUPW & Science Exhibition

To explore the artistic talent of the students and to develop aesthetic taste in them, the school has made a provision for tickling and training their artistic bud. They are taught making various crafts i.e. Candle Making, Flower Making, Soft Toys, Clay Models etc. Their creations have been displayed in SUPW room. The students work under the able supervision of Mr. Kapil Dev, a very capable WE teacher.

8. Sadbhawna Diwas

Birth day of the Badeb Powell was celebrated by the students of the Vidyalaya as Sadbhawana Diwas with much fan fare.

9. World Women’s Day

23rd February was celebrated as World Women’s Day. Various activities like debate, essay writing, slogan writing, painting & drawing competitions were held during the entire week.

10. Adolescent Education Programme

General awareness was created between the students of Class IX and XI regarding Adolescent problems, hygiene, HIV & AIDS awareness, Nutrition & Diet, Physical & Mental changes in body etc. during the NEAP Adolescent program in CCA periods.

11. Annual Scholl Inspection

School’s Annual Inspection was held on 3/10/2012

12. KVS Day Celebration

Vidyalaya has celebrated KVS day on 15th December. Speech and other cultural activities like Dance & Group songs were organized on that day.

13. Farewell to Class XII

On 25th of February 2008, a bid adieu was given to the students of class XII by class  XI. The function was completely a cultural get together of Class XI & XII students. The function ended with a very sentimental note.

14. Moral Education

Moral education based ‘Yuva Dhan Suraksha’ lecture was organized by the social organization of the Kapurthala. They provide lectures, yoga demonstration and books to the students of the vidyalaya during Morning Assembly.

15. Bal Diwas

!4th November 2008 was celebrated by the students as Bal Diwas in loving memory of the Birth day of their Chacha Nehru. Cultural programs were held.