CMP Initiative

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on the last working day of the month).



We are making our sincere efforts to promote CMP in right earnest manner for the qualitative improvement of the Primary Section under the following heads:




a.  The digital photocopier is being utilized properly. Worksheets are being prepared by the teachers in all the classes and in all the subjects. The same are being workout by the students and duly checked by the teachers concerned.


b.  Separate registers for consumables as well as non-consumable items of TLM are being maintained by HM.


c.  More quality books are procured in the class libraries for Primary classes on fictions, educational comics, children stories and magazines etc.




a.  The HM is supervising all subject teachings of each class once in a month. Afterwards the teachers have been guided properly to improve their teaching process.


b.  We are having regular quarterly cluster meetings.


c.  Re-designing of the Timetable: We have framed a children friendly time table. Block periods have been given in most of the classes so that teaching-learning activities can be conducted smoothly.


d.  Film shows for the Primary children: Film shows are being organized regularly for all the classes in Primary section in a cycle of 15 days. Necessary changes in the timetable have been made for this purpose.


e.  Evaluation System: In Primary section our evaluation system is functioning strictly according to latest instructions received from the regional office. Question papers are being set up exactly according their blueprint.


f.   Records for oral test is being maintained properly by all the subject teachers.


 g. Grandparents day and community lunch are being organized the last week of October 2016. We will also arrange an educational tour for primary children in the month of December 2016 after the II evaluation.


h.  Computer –aided lessons are being prepared and given in many classes. Most of the teachers have also made their accounts updated on THINKQUEST on the Internet.


Program For Providing Exposure To The Children With Special Emphasis On Nurturing Their Talents:


a.  In order to give opportunity and to promote mass participation different co-curricular activities are being conducted according to our CCA calendar 2015-16 for the overall development of the primary children.


b.  128 students participated in poem recitation (Hindi, English), Group Song, and Group Dance competitions in Inter-House activities.


c.  All the students of class I to V have participated in the creative activities as Rakhi Making, Greeting-card Making, Clay Modeling, Deepak Decoration, and Drawing & Painting competitions.


d.  Selected candidates are making themselves fit for taking part in different literary, cultural, creative activities as well as games and sports to be organized at cluster level on 12 and 13 November 2016


e.  Our Vidyalaya is expected to organize all the literary cultural and creative activities for cluster level competitions on coming Bal-Diwas.




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